The Oberlin Project: Civic Innovation and Economic Renewal through Full-Spectrum Sustainability

Rm #225

Speakers:                  David Orr, Oberlin College | Ciannat Howett, Emory University
Track:                        Innovating Projects
Topic:                        The Oberlin Project: Civic Innovation and Economic Renewal through  Full-Spectrum Sustainability
Description:             The Oberlin Project, a partnership between the College and the City launched in 2010, is a unique organization: catalytic, cross-sectoral, and temporary. The goal is to bring diverse people, viewpoints, and organizations together to create practical, affordable, integrated solutions to the challenges of urban poverty, economic development, climate change, education, public policy and environment. The Oberlin Project is becoming a replicable example of resilient “full-spectrum sustainability” that can be scaled to larger cities. Big changes, in other words, can start in places small enough to be innovative and agile but large enough to be important.  The legacy of the Oberlin Project will be one of civic innovation, economic renewal, climate leadership improved community resilience, a community transitioning to 100% renewable energy, a commercial food hub, a community solar coalition, a community sustainability council, and a revitalized downtown with new housing and 20,000 ft2 of new retail space, restored theater and art museum, hotel and conference center.

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