Energy Performance Contracting Lessons Learned from an Owner’s Perspective

Room #233

Speaker:                   Chad Griffith,  Pam Metcalf, David Gipson
Track:                        Pioneering Practices
Topic:                        Energy Performance Contracting Lessons Learned from an Owner's Perspective
Description:  This session will discuss pros/cons and risks of performance contracting.  The session will start out with an overview of what performance contracting is and then address key questions for owners to address in understanding how to make the most of the projects and how to understand risks associated with these types of projects.  This session will discuss some key points to understand relating to energy savings projections as well as measurement and verification approaches common to these projects.  The objectives of this session are to Define Performance Contracting: Educate Owners on Risks Associates with Performance Contracts; and to Discuss Optimized Performance Contracts.

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