Private and Public Thought Leaders Share Their Views On Innovation in Funding a Healthy Campus & Community

Private and PublicCampus design and development are no longer a process which solely focuses on the construction and the design of buildings. As we continue to understand how the integration of people and space impact community collaboration and commerce the human design elements and support systems of 21st century higher education facilities become increasingly critical.

A conference dedicated to “breaking barriers through innovation” would not be complete without discussion about creating, funding and operating healthy campuses and places. The Summit will take place June 8 and 9 in Atlanta, GA.  As part of the TUFF Conference (Leaders and Visionaries Track) we are excited to bring you Innovation in Funding a Healthy Campus & Community.  Five highly respected leaders, with diverse backgrounds from both the private and public sectors, will share their real world experiences. There is no one more qualified than Bill de St. Aubin, CEO Sizemore Group to lead this thought leadership panel discussion.

Mr. Aubin will be joined by his colleagues –

  • Ciannat Howett, Director of Sustainability Initiatives Emory University, who will share highlights from the Watershed, winner of the 2015 Innovative Project of the Year from Water-Reuse Association. Read more about this exciting project on the TUFF Summit Blog.
  • Jim Durrett, Executive Director Buckhead Community Improvements District (CID), offer highlights from Buckhead (Atlanta) CDI’s approach to funding an innovative 10 acre park which will be constructed on top of a MARTA transit station and continue over a major Interstate Highway.
  • Barry Rosenberg, President Steiner Ventures Steiner and Associates Development Company, will discuss what is being called “the tipping point of a new wave of healthy innovative town center developments.” Located between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio Liberty Center is an innovative approach to mixed use development.
  • Bill Bruce, MLA Principal, CRJA –IBI Group, provides insights on how to use a community’s health data points as a source for new design recommendations in planning campus, communities and hospitals.

You’ll leave this session energized with ideas from real world examples, presented by industry leaders, on how to fund your next healthy campus and community project. You’ll understand how to better:

  • Define healthy communities and campuses as it relates to Human Health
  • Learn innovative approaches to creating Healthy Places and buildings
  • Determine innovation in funding healthy place making initiatives
  • Collaborate on initiatives to move healthy ideas toward implementation

With an emphasis placed on audience participation, this session provides a unique opportunity to engage with your peers and colleagues who have put plans into action.


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