Barry RosenbergSteiner Ventures, Columbus, OH

    Speaker:                   Barry Rosenberg
    Affiliation:                Steiner Ventures, Columbus, OH
    Title:                          President
    About Barry Rosenberg:

    As President of Steiner Ventures, Barry Rosenberg directs and manages all of the company’s project selection and investment decisions. Together with Steiner + Associates CEO Yaromir Steiner and President Laura Wedekind, Barry drives the strategic vision and coordinates transactions for the investment company. Mr. Rosenberg joined Steiner + Associates in 1995 as Development Director and has served in a number of leadership capacities. Barry’s specific achievements include directing the successful development and leasing of the award winning Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, as well as the development and leasing of Steiner’s other major retail projects. He is also credited with the development and subsequent sale of the innovative Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey and the visionary Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. His significant real estate experiencing gained during Barry’s career spanning two decades has brought innovation, forward thinking and strategic direction to the firm’s growth, operations and development endeavors.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                        Leaders & Visionaries
    Topic:                        Innovation in Funding a Healthy Campus & Community

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