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    Speaker:                   Brad Davis
    Affiliation:               Alta Planning + Design
    About Brad Davis:

    Brad’s leadership in active transportation planning is grounded in industry leading research, innovation, and commitment to collaboration and diversity.  In addition to being one of Alta’s experts in navigating the challenges of active transportation policy, planning and design, he leads Alta’s Campus practice.  Brad has worked with a variety of higher education institutions, corporations, and communities to address needs related to funding, travel demand management, and infrastructure design. With all of his work, Brad is committed to building healthier campus communities through better policy, design, and implementation.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                        Pioneering Practices
    Topic:                         Introducing the Sustainable Campus of Tomorrow… TODAY
    Description:             Institutions have been among the first to embrace sustainable solutions in their buildings because of the long-term, cost efficiencies that can be achieved. But what other types of sustainable solutions are available to campus planners? In addition to high performance buildings, there are high performance sites, bicycle and pedestrian corridors that can reduce the amount of vehicles on campus and programs that are being developed by the campuses themselves. These other sustainable solutions can improve air quality, reduce maintenance, and provide educational opportunities as well. Objectives of this session include: To educate the attendee in the many forms that sustainable planning and design can take; The panel will use case studies to illustrate the points being made; To engage the attendees in thinking more sustainably for future project; and  To illustrate that all of the varied forms of sustainable planning and design work together to enhance the user experience.

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