Brent ZernEmory University

    Speaker:                   Brent Zern
    Affiliation:               Emory University
    Title:                          Environmental Engineer
    About Brent Zern:

    Brent Zern is a State of Georgia registered Professional Engineer who received his civil engineering degree from Temple University. He has worked in both the consulting and higher education sectors and serves currently as the Assistant Director for Environmental, Safety and Maintenance Programs for Emory University. Brent has extensive experience with regulatory issues related to air, waste and water and at Emory focuses on the compliance aspects of the environment, operational safety and utility asset maintenance.

    Brent also guides environmental stewardship at the University by incorporating sustainable operations into Emory’s facilities. Recently he has led both of Emory’s sustainable utility projects: placement of solar arrays on 2 Emory rooftops and construction of the WaterHub, an ecologically based water reclamation facility. He is a member of both the Georgia Chapters of the Air and Waste Management Association and the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Environmental and Water Resources group and a LEED Accredited Professional.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                        Leaders & Visionaries
    Topic:                         The Financial Impact of Sustainability: Current and Future Trends
    Description:             Looking ahead, how will we define financial “bottom line”? Return on Investment. such as savings in operations & maintenance and financial advantages related to the building’s capital investment. People-related benefits, such as organizational reputation, occupant productivity and recruitment, and environmental benefits that panelists have experienced first-hand. What’s next: Open dialogue correlates high-performance innovation with a triple bottom line and open their minds to a quadruple bottom line (with the fourth linked to a future-oriented, long-term approach that includes innovation)

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