Cyndi, Rottenberg-WalkerUrban Strategies, Partner

    Speaker:                   Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker
    Affiliation:               Urban Strategies
    Title:                          Partner
    About Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker:

    Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker, a partner of Urban Strategies, brings a strong multidisciplinary background to her work as a planner. From campus and community master plans through to development approvals and comprehensive policy studies, Cyndi leads large teams committed to effecting positive change in urban and urbanizing settings at all scales. Known for her skill in motivating diverse groups toward a common purpose, Cyndi understands what it takes to create healthy and enduring urban environments that effectively synthesize public and private interests.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                        Leaders & Visionaires
    Topic:                        Pioneering Solutions for Campus Challenges through Water Reclamation and Reuse

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