Dr. Charles WattClemson University, Clemson, SC

    Speaker:                    Dr. Charles Watt
    Affiliation:                Clemson University, Clemson , SC
    Title:                           Founding Director of Clemson’s Innovation Center
    About Dr. Charles Watt:

    Dr. Charles Watt currently serves as the Founding Director of a new central campus Innovation Center that is being developed at Clemson University. This Center will create an intellectual science and technology environment that will support 21st Century educational interactive learning. Prior to this assignment, Dr. Watt served as Dean of the University’s College of Business and Behavioral Science. Additionally, he is a professor at Clemson University and has served as a board member or consultant for several advanced technology private as well as public organizations. Before retiring from industry, he founded and provided initial leadership for Watt Systems Engineering and Scientific Research Corporation. He subsequently formed Electronic Systems Support Company, a small business organized under the laws of South Carolina.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                         Founding Director of Clemson’s Innovation Center
    Topic:                          From Vision to Reality… A New Student Focused Innovation Center
    Description:             Clemson University’s new Watt Family Innovation Center (WFIC) provides a unique environment in which advanced instructional technologies foster student engagement and industry partnerships that address real-world complex problems.

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