Floyd ClinePerkins + Will, Atlanta, GA

    Speaker:                   Floyd Cline
    Affiliation:                Perkins + Will, Atlanta, GA
    Title:                          Senior Project Architect – Senior Associate
    About Floyd Cline:

    Mr. Floyd Cline, a graduate from the University of Kansas, is an architect with Perkins+Will in Atlanta, Georgia. For the last 15 years, he has developed a deep portfolio in the design of Science and Higher Education facilities. He has worked with Clemson University since 2007 and serves as Project Manager for the new Watt Family Innovation Center. His involvement with the facility began at the program verification stage and continues through post occupation. Floyd’s experience in these facility types continues to help maintain Perkins + Will as a leader in the design industry.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                        Innovating Projects
    Topic:                        From Vision to Reality…A New Student focused Innovation Center at Clemson University
    Description:             Clemson University’s new Watt Family Innovation Center (WFIC) provides a unique environment in which advanced instructional technologies foster student engagement and industry partnerships that address real-world complex problems. The building’s design fully supports the WFIC vision. Raised floors and demountable walls allow rooms to be rapidly reconfigured. Audio and video outputs from the 191 touch-controlled large-screen monitors can be shared in any room. Collaboration software enables simultaneous editing of files by multiple users. Industry partners contributed to the building and support research on smart buildings. The WFIC design supports Clemson’s 2020 plan, drives curricular innovations, and enhances leading-edge research. The objectives of the session are to: Demonstrate the power of vision and engaged stakeholder involvement in achieving success on behalf of students; Illustrate how a building design, state-of-the-art technology and private partnerships can advance innovations in curriculum and research; and Share the story how this project successfully moved from an idea to a reality.

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