Shane TottenSouthface Energy Institute, Atlanta, GA

    Speaker:                   Shane Totten
    Affiliation:               Southface Energy Institute, Atlanta, GA
    Title:                           Director, Commercial Sustainability Services
    About Shane Totten:

    Shane has more than 27 years of experience in architecture, interior design, holistic systems and sustainability. Part of the senior leadership at Southface, Shane directs programs such as the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge, Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative, Grants to Green, National Energy and Water Efficiency Initiative, EarthCraft Light Commercial and EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation.

    Speaking On:

    Track:                        Innovating Projects
    Topic:                       Project Positive: The Living Building at Georgia Tech

    Description:        In partnership with The Kendeda Fund, Georgia Institute of Technology will build what is expected to become the most environmentally advanced education and research building ever constructed in the Southeast. The Living Building at Georgia Tech will physically support instruction and research and serve as a public forum for related campus engagement and community outreach activities. This highly-sustainable facility will be Living Building Challenge TM 3.0 certified – a program, advocacy tool and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment. The Living Building at Georgia Tech will provide a unique opportunity to physically demonstrate how Tech practices sustainability as well as providing a campus “hub” for sustainability for our academic, research and community outreach efforts. The building will serve as a fully functional, working model of sustainable principles for a variety of audiences to access, study and replicate, including net positive energy, net zero water, healthy materials and zero waste. This panel session will seek to use the Living Building as an opportunity to intersect programming, sustainable culture change, education and research on campus to create a Living-Learning-Laboratory.

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